Based on CIMA syllabus effective from 2020


  • E1- Managing Finance in a Digital World
  • F1- Financial Reporting
  • P1- Management Accounting
  • Operational Case Study(OCS)


  • E2- Managing Performance
  • F2- Advanced Financial Reporting
  • P2- Advanced Management Accounting
  • Management Case Study (MCS)


  • E3- Strategic Management
  • F3- Financial Strategy
  • P3- Risk Management
  • Strategic Case Study(SCS)

About Us

“DIGITAL” is the new narrative in the world today and online education cannot be left lagging behind. Therefore, learning professional accounting through digital medium has come into play strongly alongside change in the role and mindset of accountants. Today, most of the professional accounting courses are offered on digital platform and it is well entrenched amongst students and working professional accountants.


Both are internationally reputed and well accepted qualifications within the financial or accounting ecosystems. They cover plethora of new age courses such as Financial Reporting, Project Management, Audit and Assurance, Advanced Management Accounting with sharper focus in Ethics and Corporate Governance.

There are no right or wrong way to study. For working professionals it is next to impossible to set aside certain hours for studying every day, but they can allocate certain hours during weekends. This compensates adequately those lost hours during week days. But we can advise you to spend that time totally dedicated as study hours. You are investing for your future.

But for case study exams, other 9 exams in CIMA are Computer Based Examinations (CBE) and they are for 90 minutes. Shiksha prepares you excellently to pass this examinations with confidence and ease. Integrated case studies at each level should be attempted after successfully completing the three subjects at each level. Shiksha prepares you to confront the case studies with aplomb.

As said earlier 9 subjects in CIMA are CBE. So it is left to your judgment to choose the date, time and location for your examinations. Peason-Vue is authorized to conduct these CBE examinations and there are 2000+ offices of Pearson Vue across the globe where you can sit for your examinations. Integrated case studies of CIMA is conducted four times a year i.e. February, May, August and November. Nine exams in Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills levels and Corporate Business Law (UK) and Corporate Business Law Global in ACCA are on demand CBE examinations in four exam cycles in March, June, September and December. Two Strategic Professional subjects will be tested through CBE from March 2020.

General norm is that all professional courses allows you to get qualified within seven years.

There is a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between most of the professional accounting bodies and therefore, a member can avail exemptions to other course of study if the student had successfully completed and has become member of any one of the bodies,

Post qualification it is important for us to stay relevant to several aspects that keep evolving. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is one such route for us to keep abreast with latest changes, developments and regulations that keep changing time to time. Apart from this, you will as a Student and Member keep getting in house magazines from both CIMA and ACCA which is useful in advising you in various relevant topics. There are various global, national fora which invites you to participate both online and offline. You will be constantly on learning journey with tools that helps.

Our Mission

Mission of SOLE is to enhance access to professional accounting and financial skills to students through online in pursuit of their academic and professional goals.

Our Vision

To partner with students for their best online learning experience in professional accounting courses offered by professional bodies across the world.

Our Objectives

The objective of SOLE is to make a student to learn, achieve and accomplish their dream to come true through their online education medium. SOLE provides course content in easy to understand presentations and a set of question banks containing 150 questions with the ink for students to train themselves well before their examinations.

CIMA Objective Examination

OCS, MCS and SCS : All case study examinations are subjective and students are tested on all three subjects relevant to each level,

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